SSD24x00HR SSD34x00HR

NEW - M.2 Socket 3 (M Key) Carrier

RTD’s SSD24200HR high speed SSD storage module is based on the M.2 format (formerly called Next Generation Form Factor, or NGFF). Two M.2 Socket 3 interfaces leverage the PCIe/104 Type 2 connector, allowing the inserted devices to utilize a PCIe x4 link or SATA connection for data transfer to and from the host CPU.

The Non-Volatile Memory Express protocol (NVMe) enables high speed data transfer from the CPU’s PCIe x4 connection to the SSD device at theoretical transfer rates up to 985 MB/s per lane (PCIe revision 3.0). These low latencies make the SSD24200HR the perfect candidate for edge computing applications. Pair the SSD24200HR with RTD’s 25 MSPS data acquisition module (DM34216HR) , and continuous data from four high speed A/Ds can simultaneously be written to SSD via the PCIe x4 connection without losing any data.

The dual M.2 sockets of the SSD24200HR enable a shorter stack height over traditional PCIe/104 storage technologies, making it particularly attractive to SWaP- sensitive applications which are often limited to one 2.5” SATA drive per board.

For applications where only one M.2 socket is required, RTD offers the SSD24100HR single socket ordering option.

These products are available as PCIe/104 modules, without the PCI bus connector installed. These part numbers are the SSD34200HR and SSD34100HR.

  • PC/104 form factor
  • PCIe/104 stackable bus structure
    - PCIe Type 2 expansion bus
    - PCI pass-through expansion bus (SSD24- versions only)
  • High speed SSD storage
  • Up to two M.2 sockets in the socket 3 configuration (M key) support SATA and PCI Express SSDs
    - SATA SSDs supported through AHCI with theoretical transfer rates up to 6 Gbit/s per SATA link (SATA revision 3.1)
    - PCI Express SSDs supported through NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) with theoretical transfer rates up to 985 MB/s per PCIe lane (PCIe revision 3.0)
    - Transfer rates may be limited by the host cpuModule
  • Uses PCIe x4 links and SATA links from the host PCIe Type 2 cpuModule
  • Available in stackable, rugged enclosures
  • Requires only +5 VDC for operation
  • Selected M.2 devices may affect standard operating temperature and power requirements
Ordering Options
Manuf. Part No    Part Description
SSD34100HR   PCIe/104 M.2 Socket 3 Carrier (one available socket)
SSD34200HR   PCIe/104 M.2 Socket 3 Carrier (two available sockets)
SSD24100HR   PCI/104-Express M.2 Socket 3 Carrier (one available socket)
SSD24200HR   PCI/104-Express M.2 Socket 3 Carrier (two available sockets)

For more options and IDAN enclosures please refer to the Manual
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