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  • Abaco Systems delivers high performance rugged embedded computing solutions, based on industry standards and open architectures, to mission-critical applications in defense, aerospace and industry around the world. Previously known as GE Intelligent Platforms, we were spun out of GE in December 2015 and now operate as a standalone company.

Abaco Website
Abaco Systems has one of the the broadest ranges of products in the rugged embedded computing industry.

  • High-TRL mission-ready Appliances
  • Flexible mission-ready Platforms
  • Modular, scalable Systems
  • Embedded Boards
  • Software Tools

  • Support:
    Abaco’s absolute commitment to long term service and support that maximizes your return on investment and minimizes your long term cost of ownership.

  • Rugged:
    Industry-leading ruggedness and reliability, capable of withstanding extremes of shock, vibration, temperature and contaminants in harsh environments.

  • Open Standards:
    Implementation of industry standards and open architectures, providing our customers with flexibility, lower risk, lower cost and faster time-to-market.

  • SWaP:
    Minimal SWaP – size, weight and power – so that you can deploy your solutions in challenging, highly constrained environments such as unmanned vehicles.
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