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Foremay Inc.


  • Meet or Exceed MIL-STD-810 F/G
  • World’s Highest Capacity SSDs
  • Extreme Anti-Shock, Anti-Vib and Anti-EMI
  • Expertise in Military Secure Erase Solutions
    - Type-I: software based secure erase
    - Type-II: hardware based secure erase
    - Type-III: self-destroy secure erase
  • Advanced Encryption Technologies
    - Self-Encryped Drives (SED), AES-265 bit, Opal, crypto erase
  • Ultra-Wide Operating Temperatures
  • Customized Design and Production
  • Extended EOL Plans for Long Term Supply

Foremay is a USA corporation located in Pasadena, California. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2002 by a team of semiconductor and IT industry veterans from IBM, Cisco, NEC, Alcatel and AT&T Bell Labs, Foremay is a global leader in rugged Solid State Drives (SSD) for rugged computers, laptops, singble board computers (SBC) and servers. We deliver and support ultra-rugged, extremely reliable and highly secured SSDs for mission critical computing, industrial computing, and high performance embedded computing (HPEC).

Foremay has been listed on the world Top 10 SSD OEMs by the independent third party

Advanced Encryption and Secure erase application examples
  • Mission critical applications
  • Military, defense and national security
  • Aerospace
  • Government systems
  • Public health agencies
  • Social security
  • Financial and insurance institutions
  • Banking systems
  • High-Tech enterprises
  • Stock / security exchanges
  • Public security
  • Medical equipment

Product portfolio
  • Plug-n-Play SSD
    - SATA, micro SATA
    - U.2 NVMe, M.2 NVMe
    - 3U VPX, 6U VPX
    - PCIe, mini PCIe
    - IDE, ZIF
    - 0...+70°C to -45...+95°C
    - 2.5", 3.5", 1.8" and 1.2"
    - Industrial grade
    - Military grade
    - Aerospace grade

  • Disk-on-Module ( DOM )
    - All common interface
    - Industrial grade
    - Military grade

  • Disk-on-Chip (DOC)
    - SATA
    - IDE / PATA
    - PCIe / NVMe
    - Industrial grade
    - Military grade
    - Aerospace grade

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