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RMA Procedure

We offer a quick and uncomplicated RMA procedure per online form

To handle your return delivery quickly we require your help.

The return delivery process is tracked by us with an RMA No..

Please consider the following issues:
  • Return deliveries without valid RMA-No. or unfree shipments can not be processed and will be returned to sender at its expense.

  • Please state the RMA-No. on all papers and put a copy of the delivery note with the RMA-No. on it into the parcel.

  • Please indicate the RMA-No. at all check backs about your return.

For a quick handling of your RMA we require the following informations:

  • Item number
  • Serial number
  • Accurate problem description
  • Your contact person for callbacks

One RMA-No. is required per item
Please apply for an RMA-No. for each board / system on a seperate form

You may request several RMA-No. without typing in your data anew.

Return delivery address
Together with the RMA-No. you receive a return delivery address. Please send the products back to this address only. According to the product the address may vary.

Correct packaging
Returns must be packed correctly to protect the products against shock, vibration, impact and electrostatic discharge (according to ESD guideline IEC/TS/EN61340-5-1).

Components not packed according to ESD may have been damaged so badly that they may fail even after a proper repair. We cannot assume the responsibility for this.

Warranty claims
If components are damaged or destroyed by mechanical or electrical external influences its guarantee is invalidated. In this case you will receive a separate invoice and the product is returned to sender at your costs.

Shipping charges
The sender bears the transport charges. They consist of freight, postage, packaging, toll or other fees.

In the event of a claim under the guarantee, systerra computer assumes the delivery costs back to the sender. If not covered by guarantee, the sender bears the transport costs for the return.

General Terms and Conditions of systerra computer GmbH shall apply.

Here you can apply for a systerra RMA-No.: