High-Productivity Tool for Easy Mass Configuration and Deployment

Moxa’s MXstudio industrial network management suite combines all the tools you need throughout the network’s life cycle into one toolbox, including MXview industrial management software, MXconfig industrial network configuration tool, and N-Snap industrial network snapshot tool. Whether it is for configuration, monitoring, maintenance, or troubleshooting, the all-in-one MXstudio software suite has a tool for every task. In addition, MXstudio’s three key benefits, easy configuration, smart visualization, and quick troubleshooting, are designed to meet the demands of industrial automation networks.

  • An all-in-one toolset for installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics stages of the network’s life cycle
  • MXconfig, MXview, and N-Snap for easy and quick industrial network management
  • MXview ToGo mobile app for remote monitoring—anytime, anywhere

  • MXconfig Industrial Network Configuration Tool
    - Mass configuration function to reduce setup time
    - Security wizard for convenient setup of security-related parameters
    - Topology analysis to eliminate manual setting errors
    - Configuration overview for efficient management

    Click here for more information about MXconfig

  • MXview Industrial Network Management Software
    - Auto discovery of network devices and physical connections
    - Security view for the security status of network devices
    - Color-coded VLAN groups and other visualized network data
    - Supports MXview ToGo mobile app for remote monitoring and notification—anytime, anywhere
    - Provides RESTful API and web widget for integrating MXview into applications

    Click here for more information about MXview

  • N-Snap for easy and quick industrial network management
    - A standalone data collection tool to take network snapshots for quick troubleshooting
    - Compare network and device data, and highlight the differences

  • Maximized productivity with Moxa industrial Ethernet solutions

  • Expand Network Visibility to Mobile Phones: MXview ToGo mobile app for remote monitoring — anytime, anywhere
    In the past, network operators needed to stay in a control room to monitor the status of their networks. But in many operations, automation engineers are called upon to be on the move, making it difficult to quickly respond to changes in network status. But with the development of mobile apps, network operators no longer need to be stuck in a control room to ensure reliable business operation. Moxa's MXview ToGo app allows you to instantly view your network status, even while on the move, and efficiently shortens system downtime.
    MXview ToGo is Moxa’s latest mobile app that serves as a mobile client for MXview industrial network management software (v2.6 and later). With MXview ToGo, automation engineers can connect to an MXview-managed network, access status information for each network device (Moxa devices and third-party SNMP devices), and check the overall network health from anywhere on a mobile phone.

    • Real-time event alerts through push notification
    • Instant network and device status check
    • Smart device search and identification

    MXview ToGo is now available on the and

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