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Moxa takes SNMP Alarm from Zero to Hero for Power Plant Asset Management

Moxa’s SNMP I/O solutions have achieved complex information integration between back office IT systems and front-end industrial automation systems. A global leader in power and automation technologies quickly added SNMP alarm technology to their power plant asset management (PAM) system using Moxa’s products.

SNMP-to-IO Solution
The system integrator offers power and utility solutions in over 100 countries with more than one hundred thousand employees worldwide. One of the objectives of a PAM system is to ensure that important information can be conveyed automatically in real-time. However, for this integrator, a long list of users in a variety of locations meant that a dizzying array of different protocols, custom software, and legacy devices was in use, which crippled the efficiency of the system’s information exchange. The solution is Moxa’s ioLogik E2214, which enables SNMP-to-I/O communication and successfully achieves thorough alarm integration across widely distributed substations and power plants.

SNMP alarm system integration
Moxa’s ioLogik E2214 is a micro controller with 6 digital inputs and 6 relay outputs. The ioLogik E2214 not only supports SNMP for monitoring and controlling I/O status, but also allows internal register control and user-definable SNMP trap content. The rich collection of I/O ports provides abundant connectivity options and fits every manned or unmanned workstation scenario. This combination of features provides enough operational flexibility to meet a variety of front-end site requirements. In addition, the ioLogik E2214 is fit for harsh power substation environments thanks to its compact size and UL508 certification.

I/O response that’s 7 times faster
The ioLogik E2214 supports Moxa’s push-based Active OPC Server, which makes communications with SCADA systems 7 times faster with 80% less bandwidth. The auto tag generation function allows users to automatically update tags to the Active OPC Server with just a few clicks in Click&Go™.

Code free Click&Go™ configuration
The ioLogik E2214 provides support for many active communications technologies, such as TCP, UDP, SNMP trap, email, and CGI commands with the easy-to-use Click&Go™ system; even untrained IT engineers can quickly complete an I/O configuration in just minutes using simple IF-THEN-ELSE statements.

IT-friendly development
More and more remote distributed applications depend on information network interoperability and convergence. Moxa’s SNMP IT-friendly I/O allows system builders and IT professionals to easily access and use IA resources. With Moxa’s SNMP ioLogik, IT customers can easily integrate any connected sensors and devices onto the Ethernet backbone to expand their alarm and monitoring capabilities in many fields such as environmental monitoring, telecom, power, and transportation.

ioLogik E2214 Features
  • Built-in SNMP for easy information system integration
  • User-defined SNMP trap message content
  • 6 built-in power relays for isolation
  • Compact size to save space in power substations
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional PLCs
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