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Abaco PMC-0247 Serial ATA Carrier PMC Module Serial ATA Carrier PMC Module
The PMC-0247RC is a RoHS Serial ATA hard disk drive in the PMC form factor, designed for use with our single board computers (SBCs) or the PMC expansion cards with an available PMC site ... more
Abaco PMCF3 Compact Flash Carrier PMC Module Compact Flash Carrier PMC Module
PMCF3 is a COTS IEEE 1386.1 compliant PMC with removable CompactFlash card up to 6 Gbytes that offers a convenient way to add large capacity, non-volatile memory to rugged system solutions ... more
EKF DE2-TIGER Quad Serial ATA Controller Quad Serial ATA Controller & 1.8-Inch Hard Disk Drive PMC Module
The DE2-TIGER from EKF is a quad port Serial ATA hostadapter, compliant with SATA 1.0 specification. The PMC mezzanine module can be optionally equipped with an 1.8-inch on-board hard disk drive ... more
EKF DE4-FOX - PMC Mezzanine Module - SATA Storage PMC Mezzanine Module - SATA Storage
The DE4-FOX is a PMC style single-width mezzanine card, equipped with a quad-channel PCI to SATA controller, and one or two 1.8-inch Micro SATA solid state drives (SSD) or hard disk drives. In addition to the on-board drive(s), another two SATA channels can be used for attachment of external SATA storage devices ... more
Tews TPMC917 4 MB SRAM and 4 Channel RS232 4 MB SRAM and 4 Channel RS232
The TPMC917 is a standard single-width 32 bit PMC module providing 4 Mbyte SRAM with battery backup by an on board lithium cell for all SRAM devises, and four ESD protected RS232 channels (TPMC917-10 only) ... more
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