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EOL - 6U VME Intel® Core™ i7 Air Cooled Processor Board
Product phased out. Please call systerra for replacement options.

The XVME-6500 will add 7 to 10 years of life to your system with modern technology. This high-performance SBC features a FPGA-based VME to PCIe-bridge that solved the end of life issue with the TSI148 VME interface chip.

Cutting-edge technology features programmable power limits allowing the user to “dial-down” the maximum power consumption of the CPU in heat sensitive applications.

Ruggedized SODIMM 16GB removable memory is surrounded by heat sink material to provide a mechanically and thermally robust mechanism. The SODIMM is secured with four screws so it is easy to replace faulty memory. The XVME-6500 also takes advantage of Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2.0 for enhanced performance on floating point-intensive applications and HyperThreading Technology that enables each core to use two software threads for more efficient use of the CPU.

Expansion Capabilities
In addition to a comprehensive range of front panel and backplane I/O features, the XVME6500 offers increased expansion capabilities through two PMC/XMC sites on the board. In lieu of one PMC/XMC module, the optional XBRD-9060 expansion I/O carrier module may be installed. The XBRD-9060 allows for two SSD mSATA drives, as well as another Gigabit Ethernet port, RS-232 port, and two USB 2.0 ports.

The XVME-9640 rear transition module is also available for further storage, networking, and easy access to the P2 connector I/O.

Operating System Software
VxWorks, Linux and Windows

Extensive Support
With over 60 years experience, more than 35 of those years working with defense and military contracts, we are focused on providing embedded computing solutions for the best long term value in the industry.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

  • 4th Generation Intel Core:
    • Quad Core i7 CPU for high performance (47 W)
  • Programmable CPU power for heat sensitive applications
  • FPGA-based VME to PCIe bridge
  • Intel 8-Series QM87 PCH chipset
  • Up to 16GB of high-speed DDR3L memory with SODIMM lock-down mechanism
  • Front panel I/O includes:
    • dual USB 2.0 ports
    • VGA (switched w/ rear)
    • dual Gb Ethernet ports thru RJ Point 5 connector
    • RS-232 port
  • Backplane I/O includes:
    • dual Gigabit Ethernet (on optional P0)
    • dual SATA ports & dual USB ports
    • DVI-D
    • RS-232/422/485
    • VGA (switched with front)
  • XBRD-9060 expansion module adds:
    • dual USB 2.0 ports
    • Gigabit Ethernet port (switched with one of the rear ports)
    • RS-232 port
    • dual mSATA drives
  • Power-on self test (POST) code LCD display
  • 2 Years Warranty
Ordering Options
Manuf. Part No    Part Description
XVME-6520-1160-LF  6U VME SBC, P0
XVME-6520-1160E-LF  6U VME SBC, P0, extended operating temperature
XVME-6520-1161-LF  6U VME SBC, no P0
XVME-6520-1161E-LF  6U VME SBC no P0, extended operating temperature
XVME-6520-1162-LF  6U VME SBC, P0, no battery
XVME-6520-1162E-LF  6U VME SBC, P0, ext. operating temp., no battery
XVME-6520-1163-LF  6U VME SBC, no P0, no battery
XVME-6520-1163E-LF  6U VME SBC no P0, ext. operating temp., no battery

Manuf. Part No    Part Description
XBRD-9060-LF  Expansion I/O Carrier Module for XVME-6510
XVME-9640-1-LF  6U VMEbus Rear Transition Module with P0 connector
XVME-9640-2-LF  6U VMEbus Rear Transition Module without P0 connector
5028-568  Cable adapter: RJ Point 5 Male to RJ45 Female, 6 in
5028-572  Cable adapter: 26-pin to 2 USB, VGA, Serial, 18 in

Software Development Tools
Manuf. Part No    Part Description
XVME-6500/6700-BSP-LNX  Linux board support package
XVME-6500/6700-BSP-VXW  VxWorks board support package
XVME-6500/6700-BSP-WIN  Windows BSP for XVME-6500 and XVME-6700
IPSW-A7VME-LNX  Linux example libraries for models XVME-6510 & XVME-6700 and VME carriers.
IPSW-A7VME-VXW  VxWorks software support package for Acromag Series XVME6500 and XVME6700 SBC when used with Industry Pack modules.
IPSW-A7VME-WIN  64-bit and 32-bit Windows software package.
Zubehör // Accessories to TOP

XBRD-9060 expansion module Expansion Module for the XVME-6xxx
Acromag’s XVME-9060 expansion module installs in the upper PMC site of the XVME-6xxx and allows for additional front I/O expansion, as well as optional storage space... more

XVME-9640 rear expansion module Rear Transition Module for the XVME-6x00
Acromag’s XVME-9640 rear transition module adds a variety of I/O connectors to the XVME-6x00... more
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