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Reflective Memory Analyzer

J-Squared’s PEAZ-5565 Reflective Memory Analyzer is a powerful analytic tool for our industry-leading 5565 Reflective Memory (RFM) product family. By creating a window into network traffic, the analyzer allows you to deep dive into your application code to start solving problems.

RFM is the best solution for many advanced networking applications that need to deterministically move large amounts of data fast and share that data in real-time among similar or disparate network nodes. It is ideal for applications in which implementation simplicity, a lack of software overhead, and bus structure and operating system independence are key factors, such as:
  • Simulation & Training
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Sonar/Radar
  • Data Streaming and Acquisition
  • Local or Remote monitoring options
  • Flexible Complex Trigger Options
  • Large Trace Buffer
  • Complex Triggers
  • Local or remote Analyzer package installation
  • Support for capturing and inspecting bad packets
Ordering Options
Manuf. Part No    Part Description
PEAZ-5565-1MB000  Low-Profile PCI Express, 2 GIGA Baud RM w/FO Options, 128 Mbyte Memory, Multimode Transmission. Includes Analyzer firmware, with low-profile PCIE bracket option installed and standard kitted.
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