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Moxa Smart Oil Fields Smart Oil Fields White Paper: Embracing Field Intelligence in Smart Oil Fields
Constant delivery of massive amounts of data from tens of thousands of data points is the primary work of a smart oil field, so maintaining reliable wireless communications, data integrity, and data security are the primary technological exigencies that it must guarantee ...
Moxa Oil & Gas Zone 2 Panel Computer for Oil Rig Applications Oil & Gas Zone 2 Oil & Gas Zone 2 Panel Computer for Oil Rig Applications
In the petroleum industry, safety is the first concern. Any computing application for oil and gas production requires a highly reliable solution that remains dependable and safe in harsh, dangerous environments. UL, IEC and ATEX hazardous area certifications give solid safety guarantees ...
Moxa Moxa Oil & Gas Brochure Oil & Gas Brochure Safe and Reliable Network Connectivity Engineered for Hazardous Oil & Gas Locations
Moxa's 2013 Oil and Gas Brochure provides a detailed guide to using Moxa's industrial Ethernet and computing products in the oil and gas industry. This 20-page brochure features an in-depth exploration of industry requirements and Moxa's industry-specific networking solutions ...
GarrettCom Conformal Coating WP Conformal Coating WP The Pros of Conformal Coatings
Many chemicals found in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries can consign electronic components to a short life, creating high failure rates and low reliability. Corrosive agents such as H2S gas, hydrocarbons, chlorobenzene, and chemical by-products play havoc with components that control and manage processes, or transport vital data between control centers and remote sites. What is required is a protective coating that can isolate the components from the harsh reality of industrial settings ...
ATEX compliant Networks to TOP
GarrettCom Magnum 6K8 Managed Field Switch Managed Field Switch
Industrial Ethernet field switch for heavy-duty applications; "big switch" managed software in small field switch package; Ports configurable with fiber, copper, Gigabit and PoE; metal case serves as heat sink ... more
GarrettCom Magnum ES42 Edge Switch Edge Switch
The Magnum ES42 Edge Switch provides six switch ports, zero, one, or two of which may be 100 Mb/s fiber or 10/100BaseTX ... more
GarrettCom ESD42 Dual-Homing Edge Switch Dual-Homing Edge Switch
Ethernet LANs increasingly are used where small groups of high-availability nodes at the network edge need to be connected into larger LAN structures ... more
GarrettCom CS14 100BaseFX to 10/100BaseTX Converter Switch 100BaseFX to 10/100BaseTX Converter Switch
Combine a 100 Mb Fiber Media Converter and a two-port 10/100 copper Switch, and you have the Converter Switch, a new flexible edge-of-the-network Ethernet product. Add in fiber port choices for all multi-mode and single-mode fiber connector types plus AC or DC input power selection and multiple application environments ... more
GarrettCom Certificate of Compliance Certificate of Compliance CoC for ES42P, ES42H CS14P, and CS14H
Certificate: Class I, Zone2, AEx nA IIC, UL, ...
ATEX Compliant Computer to TOP
Moxa MC-1100 Series DIN Rail computer Quad-core fanless DIN-rail automation computer
The Moxa MC-1100 series DIN-rail, fanless, x86 embedded computers are based on the Intel® Atom™ E3800 series processor, feature the most reliable I/O design to maximize connectivity, and support wireless modules (WiFi/3G/LTE), making them suitable for a diverse range of communication applications... more
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