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ECU-P1524PE - 2-port SFP Gigabit Base Ethernet Card with HSR/PRP

ECU-P1524PE Datasheet ECU-P1524PE Datasheet
ECU-P1524PE Users Manual ECU-P1524PE Users Manual


NEW - 2-port SFP Gigabit Base Ethernet Card with HSR/PRP

The ECU-P1524PE is a PCIE extension card with HSR/PRP function to reduce the data transfer packet loss probability and ensure the system seamless switching. ECU-P1524PE combined with Power & Energy Automation Computer UNO-4673A/4683, ECU-4784 to give Ethernet redundant solution for smart substation Application.

  • CE/FCC Certification
  • Support HSR Protocol (IEC 62439-3 Clause 5)
  • Support PRP Protocol (IEC 62439-3 Clause 4)
  • PCI Express Extension
  • 2x SFP Interface (For Ethernet Comm.)
  • 2x SFP Interface (For HSR/PRP)
  • 1x RJ45 (Interlink)
  • Support IEEE 1588
  • Operation Temp: -25...70°C
Ordering Options
Manuf. Part No Part Description
ECU-P1524PE-GAE2-port SFP Gigabit Base-X Ethernet Card with HSR/PRP
ECU-P1524PE-AE2-port 100Mbps Base-FX Ethernet Card with HSR/PRP
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