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DE2-TIGER Quad Serial ATA Controller

DE2-TIGER Datasheet DE2-TIGER Datasheet


Quad Serial ATA Controller & 1.8-Inch Hard Disk Drive PMC Module

The DE2-TIGER from EKF is a quad port Serial ATA hostadapter, compliant with SATA 1.0 specification. The PMC mezzanine module can be optionally equipped with an 1.8-inch on-board hard disk drive. Hence the DE2-TIGER is a reliable mass-storage solution for rugged environments, suitable for any CompactPCI or VMEbus PMC carrier boards.

Also available as an option, the SATA lines 2 & 3 are alternatively wired for rear I/O usage across P4.

Available for download are drivers (RAID and non-RAID) for popular operating systems, e.g. Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Linux and Netware. A software RAID configuration utility and a BIOS Flash tool complement the software suite.

Ordering Options
Manuf. Part No Part Description
DE2-1-TIGERPMC Serial ATA controller, w/o on-board hard disk drive, stuffed SATA connectors SATA-0 (on-board / internal usage), SATA-1E (front bezel / external usage)
DE2-2-TIGERPMC Serial ATA controller, with on-board hard disk drive 1.8-inch, stuffed connector SATA-1E (front bezel), not stuffed connector SATA-0 (replaced by SATA/IDE bridge)
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