MIL-STD-1553 Bus Monitor and BusTools-1553 BM Analyzer GUI

The Abaco Systems BT3-USB-MON is a USBbased MIL-STD-1553 bus monitor that allows monitoring and analysis of a dual redundant 1553 channel. Bundled with the versatile BusTools-1553-BM™ GUI, it provides a simple and cost -effective lab tool to monitor, analyze, capture and isolate 1553 traffic and troubleshoot bus anomalies. The integrated differential-to-single-ended 10:1 scope provides outputs for each bus, together with programmable on-board triggers, allowing data and waveform capture of specific bus events, while a built-in 1553 traffic test generator allows for easy self-test. Ruggedly packaged, the BT3-USB-MON will provide many years of trouble-free service in the lab and on the flight line.

Bus Monitor
  • Capture 100% fully loaded bus traffic with
    - Time-tagging
    - Error status
    - Word status
    - Message status
  • Extensive filtering and triggering options
    - By individual RT/sub-address
    - Transmit, receive or broadcast mode codes
    - External triggering
    - Trigger output on user specified data
  • IRIG/GPS synchronization
Differential-to-single-ended scope outputs
  • 10:1, 1 MΩ single-ended scope output via BNC
  • MIL-STD- 1553 A/B Notice II channel
  • Trigger input and output
  • IRIG-B/GPS synchronization
  • Single-ended buffered outputs of A and B bus signal (10:1 input to output ratio)
  • Rugged high retention connectors
  • Secure mounting points
  • High speed USB
  • Built-in test generator
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BT3-USB-MON  MIL-STD-1553 bus monitor, USB adaptor, single dual redundant channel, dufferential to single ended probe, BusTools-1553-BM, with IRIG
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